20 April 2016

Grain Food Fondation (GFF) and the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Association (BEMA) have committed $125,000 to a dedicated content series that will use Oprah Winfrey’s “I Love Bread” declaration as a rallying cry for the grain-based foods industry.

The earworm-worthy song was written by Emmy-nominated musician Parry Gripp, and the video stars colorful cartoon foods declaring their love of grains. Inspired by Oprah’s public proclamation earlier this year, the comedic lyrics feature everyone’s favorite breadbasket goodies.

“I have made tracks about popular food items for years — highlighting everything from tacos to dipping sauce to hot dogs,” said Parry Gripp. “When approached about making a song all about bread, I jumped at the chance to showcase one of my favorite foods.”

Christine Cochran, executive director of the GFF, said the venture is a chance not only to publicly promote bread, but also to remind consumers that bread and grains are an essential part of a healthy eating pattern. “We are thrilled that BEMA has joined us in telling that message in this unique way”, Ms. said Cochran.

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