Rexfab’s automated basket system solutions are designed to simplify your operations. With integrated basket unstacking, denesting, distribution, loading, stacking and palletizing, Rexfab’s basket systems are a complete solution for your bakery.

Basket Stacker & Dolly Loader

Basket Stacker & Dolly Loader

An integrated 2-1 solution that stacks baskets on a dolly or the floor, all in a compact footprint that minimizes operator interaction.

  • Exceeds safety and sanitation standards
  • Combines with conveyor solutions to automate end of line processes
  • Minimal operator interaction required

Dimensions: Dependent on configuration: 73″x130″x120″ up to 147″x257″x128″

Capacity: Up to 16 baskets per minute according to basket type and equipment configuration

Empty Basket Distribution System

Inline Vaccum Depanner

Designed to deliver what every bakery operator wants: reliability and easy maintenance.

  • Servomotor technology delivers reliability, precision
  • Easy access for scheduled maintenance
  • Reduces basket damage

Dimensions: Adapted to your production line

Capacity: Adapted to your production line

SR Pack Loader

SR Pack Loader

A technologically-advanced basket loader system that handles vertical/horizontal box, basket and tray loading.

  • No product lifting technology
  • Does not require an operator
  • Compact design

Dimensions: From 155″ x 150″x 99″

Capacity: Up to 16 baskets per minute according to basket type and equipment configuration

Tortilla Basket Case Loader

Tortilla Basket Case Loader
The servo-driven retractable conveyor belt that loads all type of flat breads in movable baskets/cases. Made for tortilla producers in USA and Canada.

  • Versatility. It can be used for a lot of different types of flat bread of all sizes. The size of the conveyors can also be adjusted according to the product matrix
  • Accelerate the shipping and post-production steps by eliminating downtime and keeping high efficiency in the loading process
  • Reduce labor by automating the loading of baskets with retractable conveyors

Dimensions: 116 x 107 footprint (may vary depending on product and basket size)
• Width 4” to 36”
• Length 2’ to 36’. According to the needed functionality

Capacity: Up to 6 baskets per minute depending on the product pattern layout
• The machine can be adapted depending on product and basket dimensions

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