Rexfab has garnered a reputation for our ability to integrate automation into downstream bakery processes. From Conveyors to Pan Return Systems to Slicing & Bagging Equipment to Food Safety Equipment to Basket Systems, Rexfab’s automated solutions are reliable, efficient and integrate into any bakery production line. Plus, our solutions outperform safety and sanitation standards.

When you purchase an automated solution from Rexfab, our engineers and project managers sit down with your team to understand the line’s complete operations, as well as your bakery’s goals. We’re never content to sell a piece of equipment. We want to make sure our solutions drive your bakery’s success. Capacities and dimensions can vary depending on specific layout.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor System

Rexfab helps bakeries and food processors automate high-volume production lines.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Modular plastic belting
  • AC gear motors

Inline Vacuum Depanner

Inline Vaccum Depanner

Depanning of product from pan or board directly out of the oven. Can be equipped with delidder.

  • Energy savings due to pan detection
  • With option of menu driven
  • Reduce sanitation time due to sanitary design


Dimensions: Based on width of vacuum chambers: 24, 36 and 42 inches

Capacity: 50 fpm

Pan Cleaning

Pan Cleaning

Cleans dry debris and leftover products in pans before recirculation or storage. Top down stacking is possible.

  • Eliminates pre-stacking line (or) pan turner and switch
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination due to pan inversion
  • Simple production changeover


Dimensions: Dependent on configuration

Capacity: up to 25 cycles per minute depending on model

Pan Stacker-Unstacker

Pan Stacker-Unstacker

A fully electrical and recipe-driven pan stacking solution that automates the process with servo-motors and electromagnets.

  • Eliminates compressed air
  • Extends pan life
  • Reduces noise levels


Dimensions: 81”x56”x93”

Capacity: 40 pans per minute. Capacity reduces with larger pans.

Slicing & Bagging

Slicing & Bagging

Solutions that deliver impeccable reliability and unbeatable efficiency in continuous production operations.

  • Automates slicing, bagging and product infeeds
  • Bread, bun, roll and artisan bread slicing
  • Sanitation exceeds industry standards


Dimensions: From 92″ x 42″x 94″

SR Pack Loader

SR Pack Loader

A technologically-advanced basket loader system that handles vertical/horizontal box, basket and tray loading.

  • No product lifting technology
  • Does not require an operator
  • Compact design


Dimensions: From 155″ x 150″x 99″

Capacity: Up to 16 baskets per minute according to basket type and equipment configuration

Basket Stacker & Dolly Loader

Basket Stacker & Dolly Loader

An integrated 2-1 solution that stacks baskets on a dolly or the floor, all in a compact footprint that minimizes operator interaction.

  • Exceeds safety and sanitation standards
  • Combines with conveyor solutions to automate end of line processes
  • Minimal operator interaction required


Dimensions: Dependent on configuration: 73″x130″x120″ up to 147″x257″x128″

Capacity: Up to 16 baskets per minute according to basket type and equipment configuration

Empty Basket Distribution System

Empty Basket Distribution System

Designed to deliver what every bakery operator wants: reliability and easy maintenance.

  • Servomotor technology delivers reliability, precision
  • Easy access for scheduled maintenance
  • Reduces basket damage


Dimensions: Adapted to your production line

Capacity: Adapted to your production line

Other Solutions

Pan Cooling

Rexfab manufacturers, installs and helps bakeries automate through a variety of equipment and systems, including:

  • Pan Cooling Solutions
  • Basket Denesters
  • Spiral Coolers

Learn more about Rexfab.

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