The more data you collect through the connectivity of production lines, the more knowledge a bakery gathers in how to optimize those lines to run more efficiently and require less maintenance. But where do you start?

With an integration expert like Rexfab. Our customers continue to trust Rexfab with every new equipment order, installation or new line because we understand the importance of complete integration and connectivity. We’ve embraced the future of the baking industry and its use of data analytics, and our engineering, software and manufacturing teams are driving new technology daily to improve our equipment and your productivity.


Rexfab’s E-Services ensure your bakery’s operations are fully optimized, fully connected to the Internet of Things and fully prepared to capitalize on the advantages offered by Industry 4.0. These subscription-based services ensure your bakery is future-forward facing. Rexfab’s E-Services include:

Production Line Connectivity

Conveyor System

Using the Internet of Things, Rexfab connects sensors, cameras and other data collection devices to analyze product temperatures and moisture, proofing times and recipes. This service allows bakers to predict maintenance, optimize processes, and reduce energy.

    Preventive Alarm Notifications

    Inline Vaccum Depanner

    We can’t predict your bakery’s future (yet), but we can minimize downtime through preventive alarm notifications designed to let you know when product specs fall out of line or variances in equipment performance predict future breakdowns.

    AI and Machine Learning

    Pan Cleaning

    The use of artificial intelligence in packaging systems is a rapidly developing field. By focusing our efforts on production line connectivity and data collection, we’re laying the groundwork for bakers to use real-time data to run their lines better, collect data for traceability and reporting, and predict equipment failures.

    KPI Visualization

    Pan Cleaning

    Our specialists align your production, sales, maintenance and management teams around Key Performance Indicators designed to increase profitability and employee satisfaction.

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