Pan Inverter-Cleaner

The Pan Inverter-Cleaner is the most efficient solution to clean bun and bread pans. Pans are inverted up-side-down to unload by gravity loaves of bread and loose toppings in pans. A powerful sweeper then cleans remaining residues who also fall into the recycle bin.

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  • Residue Bin
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Innovative Features

  • Up to 40 pans per minute;
  • Cleans pans up-side-down – gravity definitely helps!
  • Removes loaves in pans after the depanner;
  • Can discharge pans up-side-down if going to automated pan storage system;
  • Cleaner pans allow longer pan life cycle between glazing;

Outstanding Performance

  • Pan cleaner tested by customer to meet strict performance criterion such as:
    • % of seeds left in pans;
    • Loaves of bread dropped in recycle bin;
  • Can group pans 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 for improved cleaning;